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Diary of a Traveler on the American Queen---Day 4

Dairy of a Traveler on the American Queen---Day 4

American Queen Steamboat Company
By Janelle Woodyard

As I sit in my cabin, looking out my bay window tonight, I see flashes of light along the shoreline. It is the flash of cameras from people on the riverbanks taking pictures of the American Queen. People who live along the Ohio River are just as excited to see the riverboat as I am to be on it. Even looking out the windows during dinner tonight, I saw cars pulling off the road and people getting out of their vehicles in order to catch a glimpse of the steamboat. She really is a beauty!

Our port today was Marietta, Ohio. I love this little town. It had several unique stores. One was the Turquoise Spirit ( Eighty to eighty-five percent of the items in this store are Native American Made. They are the regions largest selection of Native American made silver and gold jewelry. Navajo dolls, high spirits flutes, hopi kachinas, hopi pottery and hand painted drums are only some of the beautiful items in this store. I definitely need to visit this store again.

Water rose and covered Marietta in the 1913 and 1937 floods. Two markers on the side of a building show the flood line. It is amazing to imagine how much the Ohio River rose and what a terrible time it was for the people during that time.

The food aboard the American Queen continues to impress me. Tonight for dinner I had smoked trout canape, asparagus-beet and romaine salad, and pan-seared duck. Oh yes, and the desserts...out of this world.
Winston Churchill said, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." That is definitely true aboard the American Queen. The employees continue to go above and beyond the call of duty to please and cater to the passengers. The American Queen hired people because of their attitude and it shows!

Things I like: I like the complimentary bikes that are available for passengers to use while they explore the destinations. I like the cold bottled water (neatly wrapped in a napkin) that we receive when we board the boat from a shore trip. I like the golf carts that are used to help escort passengers who have a difficult time walking steep inclines from the boat to the buses. I like that I brought a light jacket. The air conditioning works great aboard the boat. I like how passengers can have friends come aboard for an afternoon while in port and even have lunch without a charge. Too bad I don't have any friends in Wheeling, West Virginia.

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