Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 10 Silly Questions from Passengers

When I was in the classroom (I am a former educator), I always encouraged students to ask questions because any question is a good question.  And usually, they were.  However, here are some humorous questions adult passengers have asked staff while aboard cruise ships.  The questions are real.  The answers are what the staff wanted to respond with but couldn't. 

1) Q.  Is the water in the pool rough because it's seawater? 
A. Yes. Haven't you noticed that the ocean is rougher than a fresh bodies of water? (ponds, lakes, bathtubs, etc.)

2) Q. Does the crew sleep on board?
A. Of course not, late at night a water taxi picks them up and takes them home!

3) Q. Do these stairs go up OR down?
A. Yes!

4) Q. Does the ship make it’s own electricity?
A. No, don’t you see the long extension cord trailing behind the ship?

5) Q. Which is the sunny side of the ship?
A. The captain spins the ship around daily so everyone gets an even tan

6) Q. Which elevator takes me to the front of the ship?
A. Ask the elevator operator when you get on, he will take you anywhere you want to go.

7) Q. What do you do with the ice carvings after they melt?
A. We re-freeze the water and use it for frozen drinks.

8) Q. What time is the midnight buffet?
A. Usually around 11 PM or so. We tried doing it right after breakfast but most people weren’t real hungry.

9) Q. How do we know which pictures are ours?
A. The people who look totally clueless . . . . those are probably yours.

10) Q. Is this island totally surrounded by water?
A. No, part of it is surrounded by sand, but it’s all clearly marked

What are some questions that you have heard others ask?

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